Key Information

Opening Hours and Prices

Session Type

Full Week

Full Day

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Breakfast Club


Monday – Friday 8-5.30        

 All meals, snacks, drinks     

Any one day 8-5.30

All meals, snacks, drinks

Any one morning 8-1

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks

Any one afternoon 1-5.30

Snacks, tea, drinks

Any one morning 07.30 – 08.00








Holidays 2019/20


Good Friday- 10th April

Easter Monday- 13th April


Friday 8th May (Early May Bank Holiday)                      

Monday 25th May

AUGUST BANK 2020                                   

Monday 31st August


CHRISTMAS 2019/20                                            

The Nursery closes at 1.00pm on 24th December 2019 and reopens at 8am on 2nd January 2020.


*Please note that fees are payable for 52 weeks of the year.

Please note;

We may be able to offer childcare between 5.30- 6.00pm. This must be agreed with the nursery manager.

If your child benefits from the Free Early Education Entitlement, please note that this is payable during school term times only and does not cover meals / snacks / drinks etc. As your child will attend during school holiday times, we will pro rate your funding each month to cover these elements.